The law firm intervenes in a various number of domains and above different Court.

→ Court of Appeal

→ High Court

→ District Court

→ Police Court

→ Criminal Court


Family law

  • Divorce: by mutual consent or contentious, termination of marital arrangement…
  • Childcare: parental authority, child support, financial care, grandparents’ right to visit, …
  • Inheritance
  • Adoption
  • Etc…

Civil law

  • Contractual liability, tort law
  • Neighbour litigation
  • Recovering debts
  • Lease agreement
  • Consumer law
  • Construction law
  • Etc…

Physical harm compensation

  • Traffic accident
  • Medical mistake, nosocomial infection
  • Medical liability litigation
  • Harm due to: aggression, rape, harassment, domestic violence…
  • Etc…

Criminal law

  • Custody
  • Immediate trial
  • Correctional and criminal instruction (examining magistrate)
  • Sentence reduction procedures
  • Defense before the police court or magistrates’ court
  • Defense for victims’ rights
  • « Plead Guilty »
  • Etc…

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